The Truth About Deer Antler Spray-Does It Actually Work? What Are the Best Products out There?

by Scott Elliot

The whole concept of using a supplement derived from deer antlers may sound foreign and weird because frankly it is, the whole idea of doing so is a relatively new one for most people. With that being said deer antler spray is something that has been used on the other side of the planet for centuries, because of the belief that it can improve athletic performance.

Deer antler spray is becoming increasingly popular in the west especially among athletes, you may have heard that players in the MLB or NFL take this substance because of how it affects growth hormones and thus performance.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Deer Antler Spray?

Before you consider taking deer antler spray there are some things you need to know. First and foremost, not all deer antler spray is created equal. Some brands are more potent than others, and the difference can significantly affect your results.

Make sure you are getting a quality product from a reputable company, preferably one that offers some kind of money back guarantee. Arguably the best choice out there is Deer Antler Spray by Men’s Healthy Lifestyle, which is an extremely potent formulation which provides the user with large amounts of IGF-1.

Can Help to Improve Muscle Strength

The Truth About Deer Antler Spray-Does It Actually Work? What Are the Best Products out There?

As we age our body breaks down and produces less of many of the things our body needs to function optimally. This includes human growth hormone, which means we produce less of a certain type called IGF-1.

The IGF-1 growth hormone is well known as an important aspect to muscle growth and repair, so much so that IGF-1 is on the list of banned substances. Deer antler spray gets around that by providing the necessary means to boost the production of this important growth hormone, which is done through natural means.

Studies in other mammals using deer antler spray showed improvement in less fatigue and improved muscle strength, which was based on multiple pathways. This includes how muscles take up nutrients and repair themselves, which is of course essential in recovery.

In essence, deer antler spray can help to improve an individual’s endurance and strength in multiple ways.

Maintains Healthy Bone Mass

The Truth About Deer Antler Spray-Does It Actually Work? What Are the Best Products out There?

Another major problem we face as we age is bone deterioration and loss, which increases our chances of fracturing and injuring the bone as a result as we age. Maintaining healthy bones is essential to our overall health, and weak bone structure is one tell tale sign of poor health.

Another aspect that growth hormones control is the maintenance and repair of our bones. Our bones are essentially the body’s storage system, where it keeps all of the essential minerals it needs. As we age these minerals leech out of the bones in to the system to perform various functions such as heart and skeletal muscle contractions.

These minerals need to be replaced back in to the bone, which is done through diet and through signaling through growth hormones. Without these growth hormones the bones are not maintained properly, leaving us at risk for injury.

Boosts Performance in Other Ways

Deer antler spray is not just effective for building strength, but may also have some use when it comes to endurance and general overall fitness as well. Many athletes like Ray Lewis have sworn by this spray, and how effective it can be.

Not only does deer antler spray improve levels of growth hormone, but it has shown to increase levels of free testosterone as well. Testosterone is a key hormone just not for men in their sexual health, but for muscle growth and recovery as well.

Testosterone is what also allows both men and women to put on more muscle at a faster rate, which of course is key in making steady, progressive improvements in strength and physique.

How Do I Use Deer Antler Spray?

Deer antler spray is different than the vast majority of other supplements out there because of how it is applied. As it says it is a spray, however you can’t just spray it anywhere and expect good results.

Like anything else it is all about the best absorption, so most products advise that it is sprayed in the mouth as opposed to the skin. Spray it under your tongue, which is usually done three times per day again depending on the product.

As far as how long it takes to see results, well that is going to vary from person to person. Some people report results in as early as 5 days while others take weeks to see results. Make sure that you are supplying your body with the proper nutrients by eating well and regularly getting a full night’s rest to see the best results.

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