Ultra Gold Review – Is Ultra Gold a SCAM?

by Scott Elliot


If you’ve been looking for a male performance-enhancing supplement, you may have come across a mention of Ultra Gold in one of the forums. It wouldn’t surprise us to see Ultra Gold as the topic of discussion in supplement forums, as it is the most affordable premium supplement in the market today – and by premium, we mean real top-of-the-line quality and performance.

In this market, the top products are always expensive, and we’ve learned to accept that the results are worth the price. Of course, the best ingredients are always more expensive to produce, and the demand for these precious ingredients is always high. We equate price with quality, and when we see products priced less than $20, we almost automatically assume that it’s not worth trying out – until we came across Ultra Gold.  

What is Ultra Gold?


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  Ultra Gold is one of the newest supplements in the industry, and yet it has made waves, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. In just a few months, Ultra Gold became a rookie brand that made it all the way to the top. People who have tried it won’t stop talking about how good it is, and people who bought other pills wish that they bought Ultra Gold instead. That’s the kind of presence that Ultra Gold has right now, and for critics like us, we automatically assume that it’s all just hype.

It’s not the first time that we’ve reviewed an overhyped product, but with Ultra Gold, we see what the hype is all about. A quick look at the label, and you’ll see that this product has all the premium ingredients that you normally see in other, more expensive supplements.

It has a hefty dose of Tongkat Ali, the best ingredient in performance enhancement, and a healthy dose of L-Arginine, the most effective natural vasodilator ingredient. Together, these two ingredients could already produce decent results, but Ultra Gold took it a step further and added 10+ ingredients that are all intended to support the testosterone-boosting and vasodilation benefits of Ultra Gold.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of supplements, and we haven’t seen a product that matches the dosage of Ultra Gold. Each serving gives you 1800mg of performance-enhancing ingredients, and within these ingredients are other more potent compounds and minerals that can increase your muscle growth, strength, endurance, energy, libido, and sexual performance.  

Is Ultra Gold worth the price?


Ultra Gold Review – Is Ultra Gold a SCAM?

  We’ve compared Ultra Gold with other brands that are within the $20-$30 bracket, and we can clearly see the advantage that Ultra Gold has. The average supplement formula only gives you around 1200-1400mg, and most of these are just powdered leaves and roots that have yet to be processed by your body. Ultra Gold contains 20-30% more ingredients that are more concentrated, to ensure that you get the results you expect from the formula.

We also took the liberty to compare Ultra Gold with other premium brands, some of which charge 2-3 times the price of Ultra Gold, and these products also fall short in comparison with Ultra Gold. Many of these products contain minuscule doses of the important ingredients and are overloaded on the cheaper supplement powders that have yet to be proven by research and clinical trials.

Just by relying on the dosage, ingredient quality, and formula, we can see why Ultra Gold has the upper hand. It’s affordable and can even beat the most established brands in the industry.  

Is Ultra Gold a scam?


Absolutely not. Ultra Gold is made by UltraCore Supplements, one of the most respected brands in the supplement industry. UltraCore Supplements has created some of the highest-quality supplement brands in the market today, and if their previous products are of any indication, it only suggests that Ultra Gold is also made with the same quality and performance that made the company successful.

If that’s not enough for you, you’d be happy to learn that Ultra Gold is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your results, you can just call and ask for a refund within 30 days. That’s all it takes. Ultra Gold is essentially a risk-free, affordable supplement, that has the potential to change your life. For $19.95, what have you got to lose?  

Final notes


We’re not entirely sure how Ultra Gold is doing it, but a premium supplement that contains premium ingredients should at least be priced at a premium. Then again, the results speak for themselves. The brand has thousands of satisfied customers around the world, and the brand has no glaring red flags to make us think that this is all just hype.

If anything, Ultra Gold just showed us how supplements should be made, and how much we overpay for other products that do not work. At the end of the day, the price should be the last thing on your mind when you’re chasing after results that could change your life – but I bet no one would complain if you’d only pay for a fraction of what other premium brands charge for their product.