Whole Body Exercises to Use

by Scott Elliot

shutterstock_285173996When you are ready to work out and build strength in your whole body, there are some whole body exercises you can do. You can start on them today and they will help you grow muscle, lose weight and build your strength. These whole-body exercises are ones that are quite simple. When you work them into a whole-body exercise plan that you do 6 days a week you will see a noticeable difference in the matter of a couple weeks.

Working Your Deltoids

When you are working your deltoids or shoulder muscles, there are couple of exercises that you should fit into your work out plan. You should do dumbbell front raises as well as seated military presses. These two work outs are going to do well in building your shoulder muscles.

Working Your Chest Muscles

When you are working your chest muscles, there are a few exercises that you will want to stick with. These exercises are barbell bench presses, flat dumbbell fly and weighted dips. These exercises are going to help you get pecs and stronger chest muscles as well.

Working Your Biceps

shutterstock_198752171When you are working your biceps, there are some more exercises you should be doing. These exercises are chin ups, barbell curls and concentration curls. These are the exercises that will help you the most with your upper body strength.

Working Your Forearms

When you are working your forearms, there are other exercises you should get done. These exercises are a towel pull-up and the farmer’s walk. When you are doing these exercises, make sure you focus on the forearm muscles you are working out.

Working Your Side Abs and Abdominals

When you are working your side abs, there are more exercises you should do. These exercises are wood chop and Russian twists. When you are working your abdominals, you will need to do medicine ball v-up, mountain climbers and the spiderman plank crunch.

Working Your Quadriceps

When you are working your quadriceps, there are some final exercises you should do. The exercises you should do when working this part of your body are leg presses, leg extensions and barbell full squat. Make sure you work hard on these exercises.

Working Your Upper and Middle Back

When you are working your upper back you should be sure to do certain exercises. These exercises are barbell shrugs and bent over lateral raises. When you are working your middle back there are other exercises you should be doing. These exercises are lat pull-downs and the seated cable row.

Now that you know the types of exercises you should be doing for your whole-body strength and muscle building; you can add them into your work out plan sooner rather than later. To build muscle faster while doing these exercises, you should take Xtreme Testosterone too.

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