Are You Wondering What Women Are Expecting During Sex?

by Scott Elliot

You can be honest about it, well with yourself anyways, women can be confusing. You might be confused about what they want in general, let alone what they want during sex as well. Some women have no expectations at all, others are expecting the world during sex and others are just not sure. There are so many expectations that women may be wanting during sex. You can learn about these things today so you can have some preparation. This way you aren’t going to disappoint her or yourself. If you are ready to get inside the mind of a woman you want to have sex with keep reading here today!


preview-full-shutterstock_420268945Yes, lust is one of the key things that women are going to be wanting from you. It is one of the main things they are going to want during sex. If you are wondering what exactly this is going to mean for you, keep reading. Women have certain sensitive areas on their body. When you use lust to get her in bed, she is going to have so much more satisfaction after you finish having sex with her. This is because her body is going to be worked up from you teasing her and showing her feelings on her body she may have never had before.

Exciting Games

Women want to know that you are going to give them all the satisfaction they can get. They want to know that you aren’t going to be a disappointment in bed. Of course, there is no guarantee that is going to happen and that is why so many women are nervous before they get into bed with a man. Well, there are ways you can show her that you aren’t going to disappoint her. You can play exciting games with her before you have sex. Maybe roll some dice and each number represents how many times you need to kiss her on different areas of her body.

Going Slow

Many women expect you to go slow during sex. They don’t want things to be rushed and they want to feel great in the process. Of course, going to slow is going to seem awkward so you must figure this out accordingly. If you want women to come back for more, you need to know the right pace to take with her. If you watch her reactions to what you are doing, you can tell whether you are need to speed up or slow down. Expect that you might need to alternate between going fast and slow if you want to give her the most satisfaction.

Positions Matter

If you want to know what women expect from you in bed, you need to know that you can’t have sex in the same position every time. The woman you are having sex with is going to get bored with you if you don’t switch positions. You can research on positions that bring the woman the most pleasure and alternate between some of those.

Utilize Her G-Spot

Young woman in police uniform holding belt in front of young man lying on couch

The g-spot is something that you must know about. However, there are some men who focus way too much on the g-spot. You can and you should give her some pleasure by utilizing her g-spot. If you focus too much on her g-spot, it could actually bother her. Again, you should pay attention to her reactions so you know what she is expecting and what she is liking too.

With these tips, you now have the information you need about what expectations a woman may have from you during sex. Now that you know these things, you can make sure you are giving her as much pleasure as you possibly can. Now, if you are going to be having sex with more  than one woman, you must remember that not every woman will have the same expectations from you as well.


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