Working Your Lower Body for Upper Body Improvement

by Scott Elliot

As you think about your body, are you impressed? If you are in with most men, you do wish there was some sort of improvement you could make. You may have tried to improve your strength, your muscular structure and more. Has anything worked for you? If not, you will love the advice you get today. You can work your lower body for upper body improvement. When you build on your lower body, you have more strength to endure upper body exercises too.

#1: Grip Work

When you deadlift, you are not doing any grip work. This goes the same when you are doing squat or single-leg workouts. Before getting further into grip work, make sure you aren’t doing too much of it if you have issues with your elbows. You can add this type of exercise to your strength training program. Grip work could include many different exercises but it can help a great deal.


#2: Front Rack Position

There are few things you should know about staying safe while you are doing the front rack position exercising. The first thing you should know is not to reach across your body during the exercises. Secondly, you should not reach completely behind your body. Finally, be sure you avoid full pressure on any hurt areas. When you first practice the front rack position, be aware of how you are moving.

#3: Back Squat Position

Now that you have learned about front rack position, you should know more about the back-squat position as well. During this position, you should be careful with your cocking phases. This is when you are externally rotating your body. This exercise is going to help you to improve shoulder and arm strength. During the back-squat position, you will be stretching a lot of muscles in your back, arms and shoulders. If you have any injury to these areas of your body, you should consult a doctor or physical therapist before continuing.


Holding Weights

If you are trying to build your lower and upper body, one thing you should do is hold weights. Not only will they help you to get fit but they will help you to improve your posture as well. The important thing to remember is that when only trying to build strength in your lower body, you should not just hold weights. Holding weights is also beneficial when trying to improve upper body muscles.

These are some excellent exercises that have been shown to work with many men who wanted to build upper body strength. It may not seem like it at first but when you want to build your upper body, these lower body exercises are just right.

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