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By now, you probably have heard about XR30, the 30-minute training guide that gets you washboard abs in just 30 minutes. If it sounds too good to be true to you, don’t worry – hundreds of other people also thought the same about XR30, but found that the deal was too good to pass. XR30 is now one of the nation’s top-selling workout programs, and for a great reason; many people believe that it works. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at XR30 to figure out what makes XR30 work.



XR30 stands for XTREME RESULTS 30, a workout program that promises you results with 30 minutes of workout, for 30 days. You don’t even have to work out every single day. Just work out for 30 minutes a day for 4 times each week, and you’re good! XR30 also comes with a comprehensive nutritional plan that works best with the workout. It’s a 2 in 1 solution that gets you from fat to thin in just 30 days.

XR30 is created by Vision Bodies. YES, that Vision Bodies. The company has created really high-quality fitness products that score a huge hit to their customers. As Vision Bodies’ flagship workout program, you can just judge by the company that XR30 is indeed backed by one of the most iconic names in fitness already.

XR30 is developed by a team of fitness experts from Vision Bodies, together with lead fitness trainers Ian Lauer and Breann Mitchell. Together, they have created a system that not only melts fat fast, but also an incredibly easy step-by-step process that will keep users engaged and driven to achieve their weight loss goals.


A huge part of any workout program is the trainers that introduce you to the workouts. Ian and Breann appeared to be knowledgeable in the training videos, which led us to think that these two are not just on-camera experts – they are the real deal. We did some digging and found the following information about the two XR30 instructors:

Ian Lauer

Ian Lauer is the lead strength and fitness trainer in PXR30’s SMART workouts. Ian is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a professional bodybuilder under the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). Ian also holds multiple black belts in various martial arts disciplines. Ian is a member of the Screen Actors Guild-AFTRA, and has appeared in various movies and TV shows. Ian Lauer is also a prolific writer, producer, stunt coordinator, and choreographer. The concept of fitness was ingrained in Ian at an early age. Ian started training as a freshman in high school as he progressed as a football athlete. Ian moved to California to pursue a career in fitness modeling, and eventually competed as a professional bodybuilder.

Breann Mitchell

Breann is an advanced fitness instructor with over 17 years of training experience. Breann is currently the Regional Fitness Programming Director for a multi-city fitness company. She holds a B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition, and Health from San Diego State University. She also holds national certifications as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor with AFAA, NASM, ACSM and various individual format certifications. Breann regularly oversees group exercises as well as personal one-on-one training.

Given the background of the two lead trainers of XR30, there’s no surprise as to why the program works. It isn’t every day that you can get a strength and conditioning coach together with a kinesiology and exercise science expert together in one training program – and they demonstrate the routines themselves. XR30 is a huge success because they chose the right people to introduce it to their customers.


XR30 THINK SMART plan is a fitness plan that combines a radical weight loss program with an intense weight loss program to yield the fastest results in just 30 days. The diet program is made specifically for the intense workout, and the workout is made specifically to make the best use of the diet in the program.

THINK Nutritional Plan

T.H.I.N.K. stands for Thermogenic High-quality Ingredients for Natural Ketosis, a nutritional plan engineered to create the best weight loss response without starving or depriving yourself of the meals that you regularly consume in your diet. The THINK nutritional plan incorporates inexpensive common ingredients found in your local stores and easy-to-prep recipes.


The THINK plan solves two major hurdles that prevent people from following their diet. First, the meal plan accounts for every gram of nutrient that you consume. With a plan in place, you don’t have to count your calories and think about what you have to eat for your next meal. All you have is included in the meal plan. Second, the meal plan features incredibly tasty and affordable food choices that will let you forget that you’re in a diet. Many of those who have tried dieting quit during the process because they found that they can’t be satisfied with the food choices that they have. With the XR30 THINK plan, you still get access to tasty food, and all you really have to do is prepare the food that is planned for the day.


S.M.A.R.T. stands for Scientific Muscle Activation and Recovery Technique, which is an intense weight loss program designed to reduce the degree of difficulty of workouts through isolation, alternation, and recovery. THE SMART training program keeps your heart rate at 80% max which allows you to lose fat long after your workout ends.

The SMART training program is more than just a regular workout that makes you sweat. Each workout scheme is carefully scheduled to prevent you from overusing muscle groups and allow your tired muscle groups to rest and recover. Sore muscles decrease your workout performance, and by isolating these muscles, you can still work your other muscle groups out and still burn the fat stores in your body. XR30 fitness workouts are so intense that your heart rate rests at 90% for a longer period of time, enabling your body to burn fat stores for hours after you have concluded your workouts.

XR30’s combination of diet and workouts not only make you burn fat from your body, but it also addresses the challenges that prevent you from transitioning into a healthy lifestyle. One of the main reasons why people love XR30 is because it doesn’t just make you go on a crash weight loss and diet- it helps you to maintain your healthy lifestyle, long after you’ve reached your fitness goals.


I’ve never had a weight loss plan quite like XR30. I used to choose a fitness DVD and just follow another diet plan. It made me weak to my knees. However, for XR30, I can still feel like I have the energy for the day. I guess the diet was really made for the workout program because I didn’t feel weak even when I have a long day. To date, I’ve lost 7% body fat and 11 pounds. I also gained muscle mass during the process. XR30 was a really great experience, and I would want to share this success story to the world.
Andy P.

XR30 was definitely a lot to take for me. I’ve never exercised and never took any supplements. I’ve been huge all my life, but it only took me 30 days to get back in shape with XR30. The workouts are definitely intense, but for a newbie like me, I can still do the workouts. As the days go by, the workouts seem easier to do. The diet helped me control my food intake. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss the food I used to eat because the food in my new diet is tasty enough. In 30 days I lost 9% body fat. I’m still a long way to go to having six pack abs, but I’m glad to know that it would only be a month before I get the body I want.

Matt C.

I just quit my $50/month gym membership because of XR30. I used to go to the gym about 3-4 times a day just to keep me in shape. I discovered XR30, and figured that I can use it as a back-up whenever I can’t go to the gym. After I did the first few workouts, I was amazed at how much it made me sweat in just 30 minutes. In the last 30 days, I only visited the gym twice. One to get my stuff, and the other to let them know I’m cancelling my membership. XR30 was that good.

Calvin D.

Take it from the users of XR30. The change you want is just 30 days away from being a reality. Go to XR30’s official website now and order XR30!
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